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Peru , Sunday 22 April 2018

News Peru » Ica: Sprawling, 2,000-Year-Old Desert Carvings Show Up in Drone Photos

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Publication date: Friday 06 April 2018

The Paracas culture, which emerged about 800 B.C., was ruled by priests, Johny Isla, who is also the head of Peru's Ministry of Culture in Ica province, previously told Live Science. The Paracas also constructed pyramids and made key advances in the ...

News Peru » Ica: Las Dunas solar plant

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Publication date: Friday 06 April 2018

The project calls for the construction of a solar plant in the Ica region of Peru. Only BNamericas Subscribers Can Access This Information. Subscribe to BNamericas to gain better insight into project development and contract opportunities in Latin America.

News Peru » Ica: Peru: Ica exported more than 35,000 tons of avocado

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Publication date: Wednesday 17 January 2018

The National Service of Agrarian Health (SENASA) certified that Ica had exported 35,670 tons of avocado in 2017. The main export destination for Ica's avocado was Europe, with 27,395 tons, i.e. 76.80% of the region's exports. It was followed by the United ...

News Peru » Ica: In Ica, Peru, zero unemployment doesn't solve the bustling city's problems

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Publication date: uesday 28 June 2011

Reporting from Ica, Peru — Ica, in southern Peru, is known as a city of zero unemployment. Work is so plentiful that men with megaphones ply the city's neighborhoods offering jobs. Thousands of mostly indigenous Peruvians from the central Andes have ...

News Peru » Ica: Peru quake: whither the Ica stones?

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Publication date: Sunday 19 August 2007

Cryptozoology and fringe phenom tracker Loren Coleman blogs, The Ica Stones are a collection of andesite stones allegedly discovered in a cave near Ica, Peru. The Ica stones were popularized by Dr. Javier Cabrera, a Peruvian medical doctor who received an ...

News Peru » Ica: Impact of electric cars in medium-term copper demand ‘overrated’, experts say

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Publication date: hursday 12 April 2018

Data released by the International Copper Association (ICA), an industry-funded body ... That means that Latin American countries, particularly Chile, Peru and Argentina, could see significant gains both in terms of global market share and economy growth.

News Peru » Ica: AREA ROUNDUP: Foster's no-no leads Crusaders past PC

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Publication date: uesday 17 April 2018

At Somonauk, the ICA Class 1A top-ranked Lady Bobcats swept a Little Ten ... were runner-up and the Somonauk Bobcats fourth in a four-team hosted by La Salle-Peru. Streator totaled 90 point to finish behind L-P (143) and ahead of Putnam County (26) and ...

News Peru » Ica: TECNOAGRO PERU: Towards ICA with all the World´s Agro Technology

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Publication date: Wednesday 16 May 2012

The southern Peruvian producer will have the opportunity to learn about all the technological tools and solutions, to enhance agricultural production and continue to position themselves as the worlds leading food providers. 2012 Tecnoagro Peru focuses on ...