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Peru , Sunday 22 April 2018

News Peru » Lambayeque: One year later, flood-affected women in Peru struggle for protection and reproductive health care

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Publication date: hursday 19 April 2018

LAMBAYEQUE, PERU – When floodwaters engulfed the ĺllimo district on 14 March 2017, Lily Silva Aricoché led her family and neighbours to safety. During the months that followed, she coordinated assistance to flood survivors – including protection from ...

News Peru » Lambayeque: Candente Copper Corp. Provides Cañariaco Project Updates

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Publication date: Saturday 21 April 2018

which includes the Feasibility stage Cañariaco Norte deposit as well as the Cañariaco Sur deposit and Quebrada Verde prospect, located within the western Cordillera of the Peruvian Andes in the Department of Lambayeque in Northern Peru.

News Peru » Lambayeque: Peru ranks as China's second-largest cranberry exporter

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Publication date: onday 05 February 2018

According to agribusiness trade website Agro Negocios Peru, the South American country has 4,000 hectares planted with cranberries, mainly in the northwestern regions of La Libertad and Lambayeque, as well as central Lima and southern Ica. Producers ...

News Peru » Lambayeque: Peru: Lambayeque exported more than 53,000 tons of capsicum

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Publication date: onday 16 October 2017

According to the National Association of Exporters (Adex), Lambayeque, which produced 53,861 tons of capsicum, became the most productive region at the national level, after Lima, Pasco, La Libertad, and Tacna. Adex's agroexport manager, Paula Carrion ...

News Peru » Lambayeque: Fire Scorches Ancient Peruvian Temple

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Publication date: onday 13 November 2017

The Sunday evening fire spread through a 4,000-year-old temple called Ventarrón in Peru's northern Lambayeque Valley and unleashed a scorch of destruction on the ancient site. Director of the Royal Tombs Museum of Sipán Walter Alva told local outlets ...

News Peru » Lambayeque: Mochica ceremonial banquet hall unearthed in Peru

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Publication date: onday 08 January 2018

A team of Peruvian archaeologists found a pre-Hispanic Mochica ceremonial banquet hall in Chiclayo province, Peru's northern Lambayeque region. Decorated with wall paintings featuring sea-scenes, the finding includes two thrones that are believed to be the ...

News Peru » Lambayeque: Anadarko to invest $200 million in Peruvian oil area -Peru's president

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Publication date: onday 09 October 2017

Z-62 and Z-63 in the Pacific Ocean adjacent to the Lambayeque and La Libertad regions. “It’s important that Anadarko has chosen to come to Peru, to an area as vigorous as the northern region,” Kuczynski said. “These are deep waters of 1,000 metres ...

News Peru » Lambayeque: Peru fire ravages ancient archaeological site

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Publication date: Sunday 12 November 2017

A fire destroyed a 2,000-year-old mural and much of the vestiges of an archaeological site in northern Peru on Sunday ... of the Ventarron Archaeological Comoplex in Pomalca, in the Lambayeque region, television images showed. Workers from the Pomalca ...