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Peru , Sunday 22 April 2018

News Peru » Religion: A look at the freedoms around the world

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Publication date: Wednesday 11 April 2018

Freedom of assembly, petition, and religion are all legally protected and largely respected in practice throughout Mexico. While Peru has freedom of press, assembly, petition, and speech, there are issues within the country involving free speech rights.

News Peru » Religion: Two Montreal Religious Groups Can Now Legally Import Ayahuasca

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Publication date: hursday 12 April 2018

"The freedom to practice our religion is still fragile in Canada, despite our new status." Health Canada confirmed that it has exempted both groups under section 56 of the Controlled Drugs Act. "The Minister of Health may, on the conditions he considers ...

News Peru » Religion: Massachusetts City Moves to Protect Church Providing Sanctuary to Immigrant Family

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Publication date: uesday 10 April 2018

Gisella Collazo and her two children sought refuge inside the South Congregational Church after being told by immigration officials to return to Peru on March 26 ... that champions the principle that religion must be freely exercised, neither advanced ...

News Peru » Religion: Treasures of the church

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Publication date: hursday 19 April 2018

PERU — Patricia LaDuke's black-and-gold mantilla chapel veil framed her gentle face as she wove her way through the rows of blue-draped tables in the Paul Calkins Memorial Hall Wednesday evening. She and several hundred others were on a “Walk with the ...

News Peru » Religion: Exclusive - Peru prosecutor probing alleged abuse seeks to jail Catholic society founder: lawyer

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Publication date: Wednesday 13 December 2017

LIMA (Reuters) - A public prosecutor in Peru is seeking the pre-trial detention of Luis Figari, founder of an elite Catholic society who is accused of sexually and physically abusing children and former members of the group, the attorney for the victims of ...

News Peru » Religion: The Peruvian temple that hints at the origin of religion

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Publication date: Wednesday 10 August 2016

The temple, now protected as a Unesco World Heritage Site, is thought to have first been occupied around 5,000 years ago, becoming a cultural centre for people living in ancient Peru in about 1,000BC. “Chavin was built in a risky spot, in a highly flood ...

News Peru » Religion: Author and adventurer to speak at local church on finding fulfillment

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Publication date: Friday 20 April 2018

Malm met the Rev. J.J. Shimko, lead pastor of Northway Community Church, during an adventure hike Malm was hosting to Machu Picchu, Peru. “It’s about really understanding our identity in Christ and what we’re created for. I’ve got my hands on the ...

News Peru » Religion: Victorious legal eagles!

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Publication date: Friday 20 April 2018

A big part of the work we do here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation is to keep an eagle eye on ... Dan and FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor are headed off to Peru next month for a unique gathering: the first-ever Latin America-wide secular ...